Cricket and Hamilton Pug Go to The Blessing of the Animals

Cricket and Hamilton Pug Go to The Blessing of the Animals

You could call them the pups of the pews.

Every October, animals of all shapes and sizes visit churches all over the world in celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi to receive a special blessing. Saint Francis was the patron saint of animals and the environment.

BarkBox’s own Cricket and Hamilton Pug decided to survey the scene at the beautiful Cathedral of Saint John of the Divine in New York City, one of the largest churches in the world. Check out the Blessing of the Animals celebration.

Cricket wonders if she needs a baby goat in her life.

And if she can fit inside that kangaroo’s pouch.

The crowds gathered early and the line wrapped well around the block. Hamilton and his new pal, Coco, waited patiently to go inside.

More patient pups wait for their blessing.

Edie Falco and a llama. No big deal.

A miniature pony waits to go inside.

Even cats want in on a blessing. More awesome photos over at Gothamist.

Hamilton and Cricket take selfies, because it’s the thing to do.


There were celebrations all over the globe. Check out some here!