Adorable Deaf Puppy Learns To Do Tricks Thanks To Sign Language

Adorable Deaf Puppy Learns To Do Tricks Thanks To Sign Language

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Bambi is a new dog ready to learn new tricks.

The 7-month-old pup was born deaf, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. Bambi’s owner is using American Sign Language, instead of verbal commands, to teach the Chihuahua how to sit, spin, stand and beg.

Bambi has caught on to the signs with ease and loves receiving a congratulatory treat and thumbs-up at the end of each move.


“For the most part we use ASL. He’s learning quickly and knows a few other signs that I did not show in the video,” owner Olivia Marks says. “For example, by signing ‘where’ plus a name, he knows to go look for someone/something specific.”

Marks hopes that this impressive clip shows animal lovers that training a deaf dog is not as difficult as some might think.

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