Your Dog Hogs The Bed Because He Loves You (And Everything Else We Learned This Week)

Your Dog Hogs The Bed Because He Loves You (And Everything Else We Learned This Week)

At BarkPost Discover we love to learn more about our dogs, whether it’s through exciting new research, or fascinating history, or cutting edge technology. We know that the more we understand our dogs, the more we love them. And we love helping you understand your dog, too! These are some of our favorite things we learned about our dogs this week. And make sure to stop by BarkPost Discover for more.

1. This video adorably captures ten of the not-so-obvious ways your dog shows you love.

10 Times Your Dog Said I Love You and You Totally Missed It

Licks don't necessarily equal kisses …

Posted by BarkBox on Thursday, 10 March 2016

And if you’d like to learn more about these adorable signals your pooch is sending you, you can read our original write-up right here.

2. If you want to overcome jealousy in your personal life, it helps to think about your dog. You’d be surprised how much your pup can teach you.


3. We examined whether white noise might help your dogs sleep at night. Just like the old saying, “it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie while they’re listening to a pleasant hum or maybe whale sounds.”

white noise

4. The history of guide dogs goes back way, way farther than you would’ve expected. It’s a tale of human ingenuity… and, as always, pup loyalty.


5. We looked into a mental phenomenon that might explain your dog’s resistance to training. So if your puppy is struggling to learn a lot of lessons at once, go easy on ’em.

Canine decision fatigue may be the reason your dog no longer responds to training.

6. Canine PTSD is real, and this is what you need to know about it. Patience and understanding is essential.

ptsd dog

7. Here’s our rundown of the best “teamwork” breeds. We’re talkin’ loyalty, work ethic, and selflessness. Is that why the Huskies are always so good?


8. Lizzy the dog is back, with two new lessons to teach the Alphabet to kids. This dog is an Alphabet CHAMP. Meanwhile I’m still trying to figure out how to spell “occasion.”


9. A study compared real dogs vs robots as therapy animals. Which would you choose?


10. You’d be amazed by just how much dog DNA overlaps with human DNA. But maybe less surprised if you’ve ever drooled over a hamburger or found yourself jumping for joy when a friend visits.


11. Here’s the strange but true story of how therapy dogs became widespread. Did someone say “twist ending?”

How therapy dogs almost never came to exist.

12. Dog whistles: this is where they came from, and this is how they work. So when your dog frantically runs up to you, asking, “WHAT’S THAT SOUND??”, you’ll be able to offer her a detailed and fascinating explanation! 🙂


Featured Image via @toros_mama_dog/ Instagram