Your Dog Might Be A Cool Genius, And Other Things We Learned This Week

Your Dog Might Be A Cool Genius, And Other Things We Learned This Week

At BarkPost Discover we thrive on learning how to understand dogs. Whether it’s fresh research that helps reveal our pup’s mysterious talents, or training tips to get to the heart of your dog’s behavior quirks, or fun questions about dog history, BarkPost Discover‘s got you covered.

Here are the stories that delighted and enlightened us this week. For a quick catch-up, scroll on!

1. Dogs have measurable IQs, just like humans. So maybe your dog ate your homework because he knew you got the answers wrong.


2. With patience and proper training, dogs and cats can get along. Tired of “Why can’t we be friends?” falling on deaf, furry ears? This might be the guide for you.


3. On a sadder note, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world might be at risk of extinction. Because sometimes what’s legal doesn’t mean what’s just.


4. In lighter news, seals and dogs come from the same family tree. You know your cool cousin that you always love to see at family reunions? For your dog, that’s seals.


5. Your dog’s poopy butt is no laughing matter. …Ok, it’s kind of a laughing matter, but it’s still important to keep things fresh & clean down there.


6. Here’s what you do if your dog has an appetite for the wrong snacks. Because poop, toys, and garbage, despite your dog’s insistence, just don’t belong on the menu.


7. Learn how to train your dog to military standards. “Drop and give me twenty kisses!”


8. Take a tour of Terrier history, back when they dominated the world. Seriously, their championship record at Westminster would put the Yankees to shame.


9. And speaking of world domination, did you know your dog has superpowers? The things our pups can do will never cease to amaze.


Featured Image via Tony Harrison/ Flickr