The Reasons Your Dog Can Be BFFs With A Pig (And Everything Else We Learned This Week)

The Reasons Your Dog Can Be BFFs With A Pig (And Everything Else We Learned This Week)

At BarkPost Discover we’re forever fascinated by the genius of our dogs, and everything our fuzzy buddies can teach us about the world. Here are 14 things we learned about our dogs this week– and remember, if you ever wanna stay on top, just check out BarkPost Discover for more!

1. There are real reasons our dogs can make friends with so many animals. And it’s not just because they’re good at poker.

other species

2. Some of your favorite dog breeds are natural film & tv actors. My question is- if a Dachshund wins an Oscar, does that make him an Oscar Weiner?

actor dog

3. DNA testing can save lives… but it’s still a tall order for shelters. With both financial and scientific complications, it’ll be a while before dog DNA testing is as easy as CSI.

dna testing

4. These breeds have the best noses in the business. If something’s gone missing in the woods, like a fugitive outlaw or an old frisbee, these dogs will sniff their way to the truth.

dead body

5. There’s a new hybrid dog, and it lives in the wild. Part coyote, part wolf, part dog… and slowly taking over the world.

hybrid dog

6. Bloat is a condition that can strike quickly… especially in older, larger dogs. And it’s worth doing everything you can to be prepared.

dog bloat

7. Your dog might be able to recognize you from a picture. So don’t post anything too embarrassing on Facebark!

photo study

8. As always, you should microchip your dog- and make sure you’re doing it right. Doing the right thing is half the battle- you gotta do it the right way, if you want the best results.


9. Dogs can teach children the Alphabet. Well, maybe not *every* dog… but Lizzy sure can!


10. Dogs- or at least this dog- know how to use physics. Seriously, this puzzle might’ve taken me longer than it took that dog.

11. Your dog gives that adorable shame face for a reason. Here’s a hint: they don’t wanna bite the hand that feeds them.

shame face

12. There’s a reason why Dalmatians became the firefighting breed. It’s not just because they look so good in red.


13. This is why your dog gives you that snarky side-eye glance. Word of warning: you don’t want to get the side-eye.

side eye

14. These are the origins of several classic dog-centric phrases and sayings. So next time somebody asks you to explain ‘barking up the wrong tree,’ you won’t go barking up the wrong tree.

strange dog expressions

Featured Image via The Humane Society Of North Texas