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1. Bulldog: The Bulldog is the 4th most popular dog in the United States and is described as calm, courageous, and friendly.
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2. Beagle: The Beagle is the 5th most popular dog in the United States and is independent, friendly, and curious.
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3. Newfoundland: The Newfoundland is a large, fluffy, breed (what kid doesn't love fluff!) and is described as sweet, patient, and devoted.
4. Golden Retriever: The Golden Retriever is the 3rd most popular dog in the United States and makes for a friendly, devoted, and intelligent friend
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5. Labrador Retriever: The Labrador Retriever ranks #1 as the most popular dog in the United States and is described as friendly, active, and outgoing
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6. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier: Wheaten Terriers are a happy, devoted, breed known for their friendliness and overzealous "Wheaten greetin'."
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7. Weimaraner: Weimaraners make for steadfast friends and are friendly, fearless, and obedient.
8. Bull Terrier: The Bull Terrier is a playful, agreeable breed, and the perfect pawtner-in-crime for any mischevious kiddo.
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9. Boxer: The Boxer's patient, playful, and protective personality makes it the perfect playmate and guardian for children.
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10. Pug: The Pug is a small, even-tempered breed known for it's outgoing, loving personalities.
11. Irish Setter: Irish setters are active enough to be a fun playmate, and sweet enough to be a good snuggle-buddy.
12. Brussels Griffon: These Ewok looking little guys are highly-intelligent, as well as sensitive, and make for a loyal friend.
13. French Bulldog: The French Bulldog is the 6th most popular dog in the United States and is a popular choice for families with young children because of it's affectionate, and playful disposition.
14. Collie: Collies are a large (fluffy!) and devoted breed that thrive on companionship with people.
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14 Dog Breeds That Will Love Your Children Like They Were Their Own

As a kid, there’s nothing better than having a dog. No other friend is more loyal, devoted, or unconditionally loving. That being said, not every dog was cut-out for the… let’s say, “vibrancy” of a human child. A dog must be playful, loving, protective, and above all patient. When it comes to those qualities, these puppers are the cream-of-the-crop.


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