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They say dogs are creatures of habit. Well, what do you do when your dog's habits don't jive with yours? Not every dog is meant for people who work a regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule. Some prefer do some extra activities, while some prefer to do some extra snoozin'! When it comes to these 15 breeds, pet parents will need to make some special considerations.
2. Komondor - Another working breed that is more of a night owl, the Hungarian-bred Komondor prefers to be up at night checking on the livestock (or the family). They'd rather snooze later. They also need lots of activity. If you don't have a fenced-in yard for the Komondor, it will need several long walks a day.
3. Anatolian Shepherd - The Anatolian Shepherd is a Turkish working breed that was bred to guard livestock against predators. Especially nighttime predators. If allowed, the dog will be up all night. The good news is this Shepherd is adaptable, provided you're willing to be consistent. And it's easier to train them at a younger age. Even if they sleep at night, they don't sleep heavy. They may also make the rounds at night. They also are pack animals and prefer to sleep where they can see everyone in your family, just in case.
4. Border Collie - Border Collies are known for being incredibly smart and active dogs, but if you live alone and work eight hours a day, you'll have to work very hard to keep this dog relaxed. These dogs need lots of exercise, both mental and physical exercise.
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5. Tibetan Mastiffs - Tibetan Mastiffs are... not for everyone. The Mastiff was bred as a nocturnal sentry for nomadic tribes and palaces alike. If this breed is not trained properly, the dog will bark at night at possible predators. And their bark is as big as they are.
6. American Black And Tan Coonhound - Another "nocturnal" breed, this coonhound was bred to hunt at night. If your dog is not acclimated to sleeping when you sleep, they will be up at night.
7. Clumber Spaniel - The Clumber Spaniel is a sleepy breed. It will take naps and sleep through the night. But that doesn’t mean you can leave this dog alone all day while you go to work. Like other spaniels, the Clumber is very active and needs exercise.
Source: Christie Zizo
9. Belgian Malinois - The Belgian Malinois is bred for guard work, and they do their job well at all hours of the day. This breed may do door and window checks at night, and they are up with the sun. They also need lots of mental and physical stimulation, so if you work a long day, be prepared to come home and take the dog right back out for a good walk.
10. Maremmas - Another working dog bred to guard livestock, many Maremma enthusiasts will tell you that this Italian dog may not make the best house pet, particularly if the pet parent has not worked with a breed like this one before. It works better on a farm, and is very active at night.
Source: Christie Zizo
11. Berger Picard - These French dogs are used to herding, so they like a lot of exercise. If you don’t have a yard, you should try to walk this dog at least three times a day, at least half an hour a day. A yard is better for them, though.
12. Kuvasz - This ancient Hungarian breed is a livestock guardian and was once highly-prized by Hungarian royalty. As such, they need a lot of exercise — not just a yard, but long walks. They also don’t like to be left alone for long stretches.
13. Vizsla - A Hungarian sporting dog, the Vizsla is a true athlete. They need a lot of exercise, and they also hate to be left alone.
14. Caucasian Ovcharka - This powerful working dog was bred for livestock guarding around the Caspian Sea, and later throughout Russia. In the Soviet Union, the Ovcharka worked specifically as a guard dog in prisons and even on the Berlin Wall. They also can prefer to be active at night.
15. Armenian Gampr - The Gampr is a nocturnal livestock guarding breed that also likes to patrol at dawn and dusk, particularly between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. It’s a dog breed you can bring into your home, but does best out on a farm. This is an ancient breed that is also related to the Ovcharka.
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