Curious Dog Eats 23 Live Bullets But Refuses To Go Out With A Bang

Curious Dog Eats 23 Live Bullets But Refuses To Go Out With A Bang

Sonny Brassfield’s 4 year old Belgian Malinois is not a picky eater. In fact, Benno will try just about anything – Correction: He’ll try absolutely everything.

Including the live rounds of ammo he finds on the floor!

Last week, Benno threw up shortly after breakfast. Sonny’s wife noticed that there was a chewed up bullet among the muck! Then, Benno hacked up 3 more rounds! It was that point that Sonny took his pup straight to Sarah Sexton, a veterinarian at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Arkansas.

benno ammo eating dog

It was a very scary situation at first. Many bullets are made with lead and zinc, which are extremely toxic to dogs. Thankfully, Benno’s midnight snack was made from brass and copper.

The vet removed 16 bullets from Benno’s stomach in a 2 hour surgery. Two bullets were left in the dog’s esophagus for him to discharge on his own, which he did.

Benno didn’t swallow the bullets just for fun. He wanted to chew on them like they were tiny metal bully sticks, as evidenced by the chew marks on the recovered bullets!

ammo eaten by dog

Bullets aren’t the only non-edible item Benno has had a hankering for. He’s chomped down on:

– Aluminum foil
– A lawnmower air filter
– A soda bottle
– A hairbrush
– A remote control

I know Benno’s a big dog, but how did he swallow a hairbrush and a TV remote control? Even more perplexing, how did he manage to poop those out?

That’s not even a complete list of everything this adventurous foodie has tried!

Watch the video below to see Sonny and Benno’s vet talk about the epic ordeal!

h/t and photos The Baxter Bulletin.