“Dognition” Test Could Change How You View Your Dog’s Intelligence

“Dognition” Test Could Change How You View Your Dog’s Intelligence

We’ve all heard that there are smart dog breeds and, well, not-so smart breeds. It turns out, that perspective may not be true.

Evolutionary anthropologist and dog lover Dr. Brian Hare thinks that pup smarts are more about individual brains than breeds. To prove it, he and Nat Geo Wild are putting canines to the test with Dognition, a dog IQ testing site.

dog with puzzles

Nineteen dollars grants you access to 20 different brain-busting games for you to play with your dog. Once you run through the tests, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the results and a Dognition profile report.

There are 9 possible profiles. They include: Protodogs, who have stellar pup to human social skills, Charmers, who use their intuition and smarts to get their humans to do all of the work, and Einsteins, pups who excel at solving problems and understand cause and effect.

two dogs playing tug of war

The tests are built around play, so they’ll be fun for both you and your pup. There’s no equipment to buy either. You conduct the games with items you likely already have in your home.

There are plenty of instructions and how-to videos to help you master the games. No one wants hooman error to cost their pup points!

Dr. Hare, who is also the co-founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, enlisted the help of other pup lovin’ people, including Victoria Stilwell and a bunch of world class canine scientists.

dog playing scrabble

Their work is the subject of a three-part series called “Is Your Dog A Genius?” The series aired as part of Nat Geo Wild’s Barkfest.

If you’re hesitant about pupping down cash to find out if you’ve got a hairy Einstein on your paws, you can play some games for free. And watch Dr. Hare talk about the study in the video below.

h/t East Valley Tribune.