6 Quick Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Marvel Or DC

6 Quick Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Marvel Or DC

You may be a superhero to your dog, but what type of superhero is your dog? Marvel, or DC? While those of us who aren’t Squirrel Girl or Aquaman can’t read animals’ minds, there are ways to tell which superhero camp your pooch belongs to.

Your dog might be a Marvel fan if…

thor dog

1. …they like kids.

If your dog gets along great with both adults and kids, she might just be a Marvel pup. Most dog breeds can co-habitate with children based on their personalities and past experiences, but there are some that are definitely more kid-friendly than others. Just like how most Marvel movies, with the occasional “Deadpool”-ish exception, are more family-friendly fare than the dark, mature DC Comics flicks.

iron man

2 …they love playing outside.

Have you noticed how often Marvel superheroes hang around outside? Whether it’s The Avengers fighting Loki downtown or Captain America battling Iron Man in some random ruined building, those Marvel heroes really love getting some sunshine! Marvel dogs share that love, giving anything to head outside for a little playtime and the occasional rabble with another pooch. And just like Iron Man building a new plane or jet pack, Marvel dogs will do anything for a car ride!

captain america

3. …they’re really loyal.

Marvel’s definitely in it for the long haul, giving us 2-3 movies a year through at least 2019. But Marvel’s fans are committed, geared up for over a dozen more films in their favorite franchise. That’s a lot of devotion! Marvel dogs are just as loyal, and will stick by their owners through thick and thin – whether it’s the thrills of “Captain America: Winter Soldier” or the doldrums of “Ant-Man.”


On the other paw, your dog might be a DC fan if…

batman dog

1. …they’re super active at night.

Man, Batman and Superman sure love fighting at night! It’s almost as if Batman is allergic to daylight, which, as a bat, he might be. Some dogs are also more nocturnal, sleeping during the day and running around at night. This is especially true of puppies and older dogs, or dog breeds with more predatory instincts. It could also be a sign of restlessness or a need for more physical activity, so it’s smart to check with your vet if it’s more than just the standard Batman-like prowl for justice.

superman dog

2. …they’re really vocal.

Batman and Superman definitely love making their voices heard. As they should, they’re superheroes and they’ve got hard work to do! DC pups also love letting their owners know they’re keeping an eye on things, by either being very talkative or just barking a warning whenever a stranger comes to the front door.

wonder woman

3. …they don’t play by the rules.

DC superheroes definitely fall under the vigilante category, especially with this year’s “Suicide Squad” putting literal villains in the role of unlikely heroes. Vigilantes are great because they get things done, but they’re also a bit more unpredictable. Pups that don’t play by the rules are more DC, especially if they’re not spayed or neutered. Independent dogs are great for owners who are a bit busier, or if they have more than one pet. Still, it’s always best to spay or neuter.


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