From The Streets To The Gallery, Dog Poop Is Elevated To An Art Form

From The Streets To The Gallery, Dog Poop Is Elevated To An Art Form

Who’s ready for some culture?!

These days, every John and Jane Q. Etsy thinks they’re an artist, but only those who are truly unique shine through. Their canvas? The cold, cold ground. Their paintbrush? Your dog’s butt. That’s right, a few artists have taken to turning your dog’s business into fabulous works of street art. Sure, it sounds a bit “out there” and “far fetched” and “smelly” but, um…I forgot the point I was trying to make. Anyway, let’s take a look at some art that would make even Claude Monet say, “Poo-La-La!”


First, a look at a trend started by Brooklyn artist Gold Poo, who specializes in spray painting dog poop gold. A little one-note, sure, but look at those turds shine! There’s gold in them thar doodies! (I should also at this point acknowledge that, yes, I am six years old.) On a deeper level, the project also speaks to how humans like anything as long as it’s shiny, maaaaaaaaaan. #Society


Others have evidently taken to it, because if you own some gold paint and had no plans on a Tuesday afternoon WHY WOULD YOU NOT?


Seriously, if you are an unemployed artist (the ONLY true kind), grab a can of paint, find a fully-loaded canine collaborator and get to work!

However, Gold Poo and his followers aren’t the ONLY pioneers of this fabled art form. Here are a few from artist Miss Heather’s Poo Corner project, whose projects have sold for some big bucks.

Booty secondarrangement waterburystreet puppylove2

So, next time your dog pops a squat do not shame him, for he is merely expressing his artistic inner soul. Who knows? Maybe YOUR pup is Banksy!


Featured image via @goldpoonyc