The Greatest (And Most Surprising) Form of Dog Transportation…Ever

The Greatest (And Most Surprising) Form of Dog Transportation…Ever

How do you get around town?  By car?  Bicycle?  On horseback? What if I told you the best way to get around town is powered by your dog(s)?  Well, believe it!

Introducing the Dog-Pawwered Scooter!


First question: Is it safe?  According to the company’s website, safety for the dog is the number one goal.

“Now that we have thousands of DogPowered units in use around the world it is imperative that the general public see our new dog/human team “urban mushing” sport as a wholesome way to exercise our dogs which in NO way is overly stressful to the the dogs’ physical or psychological health- and is in fact the opposite.”

You can read the full list of safety guidelines on their website.

Now that we’ve checked out the safety features, let’s look deeper into this product.  First off, there are multiple models.

1363758442_489664260_1-Pictures-of--Dog-Powered-Scooters image

According to the website, “The ride is quite smooth when the dog is at a constant pace. Since there is not much slack in the rigging you need to be a smooth rider and take kick strokes without jerking the dog forward. Essentially you ride the scooter as if the dog wasn’t even there.”

“The dog is also supported side-to-side by the rigging/harness so they don’t need to be concerned with avoiding contact with the sides of the bar- even in sharp turns. Brakes are strong and the dog can feel the rear pull on the harness when braking.  And soon begins to cooperate.”


This idea is revolutionary and fun!  If you don’t live in a place where you can do cool stuff like skijoring, this urban mushing thing seems like the next best thing!