13 Totally Believable Reasons To Send Your Dog To Space Camp This Summer

13 Totally Believable Reasons To Send Your Dog To Space Camp This Summer

Dogs are no stranger to the great, empty vastness that is outer space. You may be familiar with Laika, the first dog in orbit, or perhaps mutts Belka and Strelka, the first pups to visit space and return safely to Earth. This idea of space camp goes beyond what I’m recommending here, but it’s inspiring nonetheless.


Your dog can be a fearless space traveler too, but without the risk. What could be more fun? (Nothing.) Check out these ‘splorers who share what they’ve learned from their journeys below.

1. Be more aware of the unexpected beauty that surrounds you! Sometimes it’s as simple as looking up.


2. Take the rocket by the nose and lead your own adventure, even if it means sitting out the next launch for a nap.

munchkin teddy bear space camp

3. Wag your tail faster than a shooting star by kicking it into WARP SPEED.

warp speed space camp

4. Soft Bixbi training treats are just what the astronauts eat (not really, but don’t tell your dog that.)

bixbi treats

5. Get a space-dog’s view of Earth, front row from the shuttle. I hear the moon really is made of cheese.

orbee earth

6. Get the chance to wear a REAL space helmet and float out of orbit in style, not shame.

cone of shame space camp

7. Who says they don’t deliver pizza in space? I need to savor that pepperoni at 17,000 mph!


8. Catch actual stars right out of the sky — be careful though, they’re still hot.

pug with star space camp

9. Take down the extra-terrestrials determined to steal your treats and deny you of all belly rubs…

chocolate lab space camp

10. … and be sure to devour them completely, just for good measure.

chewing snack space camp

11. Did you know dogs howl at the moon to make contact with aliens? Now they can howl on the moon.

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12. Receive your dog-o-naut uniform to become an official space rover, and reign as captain over all the toys.

tizzi toy

13. Best of all, just go canine crazy and get out of this world at space camp this season!

corgi space ship space camp

VIP tickets to camp (and tons of ball-bouncing, star-catching fun) can be found at the BarkShop.

Featured Image via @operation_sumo