Doberman Swallows 26 Golf Balls And Lives To Fetch Again

Doberman Swallows 26 Golf Balls And Lives To Fetch Again

Veterinary Practice News is a publication dedicated to keeping veterinarians and their support staff on the cutting edge of their field. The magazine and website feature issues, trends and events in veterinary medicine, but they aren’t above having a little fun once in a while. Since 2005 they have run their annual “They Ate What?!” contest. Veterinarians submit their craziest X-rays featuring pets with unusual, cringe-worthy and downright shocking foreign objects in their digestive tracts.


This year’s winner is Zeus, a handsome one year old Red Doberman with a penchant for chasing golf balls at the driving range. What Zeus’ folks didn’t know was that he was doing more than just retrieving the balls- he was swallowing a few here and there! When Lisbon, Ohio veterinarian Dr. Gordon Schmucker examined Zeus for vomiting, he had no idea the illness was anything more than a routine bellyache. Zeus appeared healthy and active despite the persistent vomiting, and Dr. Schmucker sent him home with medications to ease his upset stomach.


Two days later, Zeus was back at Lisbon Veterinary Clinic having not improved with meds. Dr. Schmucker snapped an X-ray, and the truth behind Zeus’ mystery illness was revealed. His stomach was packed tight with 26 golf balls! Zeus is one lucky pooch- he survived the complicated procedure to remove the balls and recovered fully. He still enjoys a rousing game of fetch, but his people are extra careful to make sure all balls are accounted for!


Be sure to check out the rest of the “winners” including a puppy with a taste for rocks, a Labradoodle who may know the whereabouts of a missing T-Rex, and a couple of snakes with eyes bigger than their stomachs. While you’re at it, vote for your favorite x-ray in the first ever “They Ate What?!” People’s Choice Contest! One lucky hooman will win a $500 gift card just for voting!

Want to see more Zeus? Check out more of his story in the video below!

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