10 Things Your Dog’s Tail Is Saying Right Now

10 Things Your Dog’s Tail Is Saying Right Now

Your dog’s tail – it’s a window into his or her soul. Is he/she happy? Is he/she sad? Is he/she frightened? Is he/she every emotion that’s ever existed, all rolled into one? All you have to do is look at that tail to find out.

Here are 10 examples of dogs telling tales…with their dog tails:

1. This dog’s tail says he doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he’s happy.

2. This dog’s tail says he’s one stylish son of a b**** (technically accurate statement, not pejorative).

3. This dog’s tail says, “SHH. I’m in-dog-nito.”

Funny Face on Dog Butt

4. This dog’s tail says she’s sick of watching all those video compilations of dogs who are afraid of cats.

Dog Tail Slapping Cat

5. This dog’s tail says he’s having his favorite recurring dream – the one where he’s Scrooge McDuck and he’s swimming in a pit filled with sausage-flavored squeaky toys.

Sleeping Dog Wagging Tail

6. This guy’s tail says he f***ing loves that toy.

7. This dog’s tail says he likes you.

 8. This dog’s tails says, no, seriously, he really freaking likes you, in case you couldn’t tell.

Dog Tail Peacock


9. This dog’s tail says there’s nothing he’d rather do than curl up next to his best buddy in the whole wide world.

Dog Tail Cuddling

10. This dog’s tail says even though she has a short spine, she’s got a big ‘ol heart. And also, she really wants to go chase that squirrel.

Uh oh. Cuda spotted the squirrel whose been going after our birdfeeder.

Posted by Cuda Cares on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Featured image via Haris Khann