OMG Dog-to-Hooman Translator Coming Soon

OMG Dog-to-Hooman Translator Coming Soon

We know you pet parents are paws-itively in sync with your beloved dogs, but imagine the connection you would share if you could have an actual conversation with them?!


Well, that day might not be so far away! Thanks to a successful round of funding, The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is hard at work on the first generation of No More Woof, a wearable device that analyzes dog’s thought patterns and translates them to English. Is a tête-à-terrier in your future?


So far, developers are able to detect patterns such as “I’m tired”, “Who are you” and, of course, “I’m hungry!”, but keep in mind that No More Woof is still a work in progress. A lengthy person-to-pup chat is still a ways off! Check out the video for more info:

Source: No More Woof, Metro UK

Featured image via The Journal