These Humans Try To Guess If It’s A Dog Toy or Sex Toy And It’s Hilarious

Let’s admit it right now: sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish between a dog toy and a toy you can get out of a human adult shop. So we decided to put 6 hoomans to the test, and asked them: dog toy or sex toy?

Their guesses? Priceless.

With: Nick Giedris, Will Storie, Tasmai Uppin, Zoe Costello, Dave Stangle and Lauren Drell.
Appearances by: @weirdwiener, @audreythepup and Ziggy the Piggy
Concept by: Laura Hartle, Pil Rim Kim and Nicole Gabriel
Directed by: Laura Hartle and Pil Rim Kim
Edited by: One Glass Video
A BarkPost Production