11 Dogs Who Are Way Too Excited About Video Chats

11 Dogs Who Are Way Too Excited About Video Chats

Miss your pup while you’re away? Now that the future is here, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout and of course apps like Camio and Petcube can keep you in touch wherever, whenever.

Head tilts, howls, and all that adorableness ensue. The most universal move? Checking the back of the device to see where the human (or other pup) is hiding! Behold 11 pups who’ve mastered the finer points of video chat (with a few technical difficulties sprinkled in.)

1. Here’s a wiener going crazy for his mum.

2. “Such outdated model. Wow. Cannot connect.”


3. “Is that drool on your laptop or are you just happy to Skype me?”

4. “Okay, let’s get this webinar pawty STARTED.”


5. Expert head tilt + impressive vocalizations = a viral classic.

6. “What kind of iPhone is this???


7. “Skype y u no work?!”


8. This dog is cool because she’s probably actually paying attention and not just looking at her own hair on the screen.

9. “What is this infinite…wait, what? Where arooooo you???”

Source: YouTube

10. “Human, you appear to have turned into some kind of hand-shaped barking creature. I have concern.”

11. “Awww, I miss you too, gurl.”

Featured image via YouTube