It Turns Out Dogs And Goats Have More Than Cuteness In Common

It Turns Out Dogs And Goats Have More Than Cuteness In Common

Science has made yet another Cute Discovery! Apparently the behavioral intelligence of dogs and goats is pretty comparable. That might not sound earth-shattering, but as dogs slowly win rights as sentient creatures, exploring the intelligence of other creatures takes on a whole new meaning. I mean, what’s next? Citizenship?


But seriously, despite goats not be considered a traditional companion animal, a recent study published in Biology Letters suggests that goats are one of the few domesticated species who display a certain level of dependence on humans not unlike dogs.


Which is kind of a sciencey way of saying goats, like dogs, are derpy AF.


It also means that like domesticated dogs, goats look to humans for things like care-taking, problem-solving and all sorts of other hyphenated things.


For instance, the researchers put goats in a situation where all these goats had to do to get a treat was remove the lid from a container, but just like a dog, these goats would look to the humans present for an assist. Like, “Puh-lease can I have the treat?!” Sounds pretty dog-like to me.

You science nerds can see the behaviors I’m talking about in the video below:

But because cute always wins, here’s a ridiculously cute video of a Chihuahua puppy playing with baby goats:

Cute! Right?

H/t to Popular Science

Featured image via @a_doodle_named_bentley /Instagram