We all know that calamitous moment when an impending sneeze lurks in the deepest depths of your nasal passages, waiting to explode! Well, here are 21 pups that can totally relate. And we caught them just in the knick of time.
1. "You haven't been playing with cats, have you?"
2. "Don't mind me... *achoo*... I'm just allergic to people who don't gimme treats."
3. Everybody run! She's gonna blow!
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4. "Oh no. You didn't put cardamom on my toy, did you?
5. Cover your mouth, pup!
Source: @karma_fawnpug
6. "I... think... I'm gonna..."
7. " " #FalseAlarm
8. "I wouldn't stand there if I was you..."
9. "Don't laugh! Just go get a tissue!"
10. Backwards sneeze. #Ruff
11. "I think I'm allergic to myself!" #ScruffyPup
12. "I ain't sneezing. I just had a Treat-ible."
13. "Is that saltwater? Or pepperwater?" #Atchoo!
14. "Dis gonna be a big one..."
15. Don't sneeze on the sheets!
16. The moment you realize it wasn't funny to tickle your dog's nose with a feather.
17. "You jinxed me!"
18. "Can't...breath... stand back!"
19. "Dat sneeze made muh whole face hurt."
20. 'Choo!
21. "Either go get the kleenex or pup off!"
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21 Dogs On The Verge Of A Sneeze

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