9 Reasons Pooches Give The Best Smooches

9 Reasons Pooches Give The Best Smooches

Did you know that today is International Kissing Day!?!?!?? These pups do. And they wanna make out. This is why dogs are better smoochers than most humans.

1. They’re Romantic About It


2. They Aren’t Afraid To Use All Their Mouth

dog kiss bite

3. They’re Spontaneous

yoga kiss dog

4. They Keep A Consistent Rhythm


5. They Won’t Stop Even If Someone Is Breaking Into The Apartment

6. They’re Kinda Famous On Instagram And It’s Sexy As Hell


7. They Take Turns Leading

pugs pooching

8. They Play Tongue Games

dog lick

9. They Know When To Stop

dogs kissing denied human love hardcore

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