“Oh poop. I forgot my pee-mail password.”
"Well actually, it's pronounced 'Gif'."
“I don’t have a good paw. Fold.”
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“Goize, how do you play? I can’t tell the notes apart.” #ColorblindDogsBeLike
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“The concrete mix was on sale at Home Depaw.”
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“I don’t know how anyone could possibly enjoy this.”
“Maybe now she’ll stop telling me there are no more treats.”
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Budget weddings be like.
“I don’t know what you’re expecting this to turn out like.”
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Don’t worry, pup. You’re not alone.
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“I have no idea what an ID is or why I should be asking for one.”
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“And this makes treats…how?”
“This takes the fun out of digging for bones and tracking mud through the house.”
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“This is not what I thought vet school would be like.”
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“I just like it when everyone yells at the TV.”
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16 Times Dogs Were Adorable Doofuses Doing Human Things

Anyone remember the “I have no idea what I’m doing” dog?

It’s one of the doge memes that has been making the rounds since at least 2010 and originally featured Bailey the Golden Retriever, who looked like a new intern on her first day at the office: clueless. Since then, she has gained 13,000 Instagram followers (and counting). But she still has no idea what the pup is going on. Here’s a list of dogs who, like Bailey, have zero clue how to do things. Side note: These dogs are making it painfully difficult to get rid of the “dumb blonde” stereotype.

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