17 Ways Your Dog Has Made You A Better Person

17 Ways Your Dog Has Made You A Better Person

Though pets may seem like a luxury to some, to the true dog lover a dog is not a luxury. A dog is a living being with its own personality which offers genuine rapport and friendship.

Don’t get us wrong. Dogs are a blast! But they also require much care and attention. As a result, dog people tend to be…well, better people. Here’s why.

1. Pawsonal Responsibility

There’s no getting around the fact that you have accepted responsibility for a living creature. Embracing that responsibility will encourage you to take on more responsibility.

2. Communication

Dogs can’t use words like people, so you learn to communicate in other ways: through touch or gesture. Which makes you think harder about how your non-verbal signals are received by other persons in your life.

3. Affection

The gestures and touches you learn to communicate with will make you more affectionate, and everybody likes being treated with affection.

4. You Become Nicer

The more affectionate you become and the more people like you, the nicer you’ll eventually be.

5. Stronger Relationships

With all that affection, niceness and likability, you’re bound to improve the quality of any of your relationships. Having such intense focus on your relationship with your pup will naturally lead you to similarly invest yourself in all relationships.

6. Patience

Short walks easily turn into long walks. Like kids, dogs wake up in the middle of the night to poop, pee or throw up. But you find yourself not feeling imposed upon. You want them to be better and you take the time to ensure they are. In essence, you learn the art of patience.

7. Flexibility

Okay, so not really yoga flexibility. But with all the unexpected aspects of pup parenthood, you learn to manage your time around the unexpected until nothing can throw you off balance!

8. You Won’t Hold Grudges

As you learn to bend like a reed in the wind, you also let go of things like blame. Your pup didn’t hurl in your shoes at midnight on purpose. So you forgive them. And slowly forgiveness becomes a commonplace occurrence.

9. Priorities

You’ll find yourself putting your pup before other things in your life. You may blow off social outings to go home and walk or play with your pup. It doesn’t make you boring, it means you know what’s more important.


10. Planning Ahead

Since you and your pup will have different schedules, you’ll learn to coordinate them to make sure they’re both fulfilled.

11. Living In The Moment

With that said, you’ll also learn to stop and smell the roses. On days you have an appointment in the afternoon, you’ll better appreciate the morning you have with your pup.

12. Health

You take your dog to the vet at least once a year and that’ll make you more mindful of your own checkups.

13. Exercise

Your pup gets a few walks a day, but do you? Keeping your pup fit will make you more conscientious of your fitness.

14. Diet

Same goes here. You’ll want your pup to have the healthiest food, which should make you realize you deserve the same. You should both be happy and healthy.

15. Self-esteem

Your dog doesn’t judge you. Your dog accepts you. If your dog accepts you, you must be pretty darn awesome! So who cares what other people think about you? After all, you’re already good enough for your pup.

16. Importance Of Play

Dogs NEED recreational time. The more time you spend playing with them, the more you’ll realize you need play time too.

17. Sense Of Humor

Most importantly, you learn to laugh at the hurdles life puts in your way. Where pee, poop, boogers and drool once seemed gross, they become a fact of life. Eventually they become jokes. Instead of frowning at your pup as you wipe their face, you make bets on whether their drool can reach the floor. This helps you find the humor in all things.

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