Source: Martin Usborne
Remember that time when you were old enough to be left in the car for a few minutes, but not quite old enough to understand the difference between a few minutes and forever?
So does photographer Martin Usborne and, apparently, so do dogs.
Source: Martin Usborne
The photographer from London wanted to recreate his childhood experience with the only creature more emotionally honest than a child, in a project he named Dogs in Cars.
Source: Martin Usborne
The stunning images were bound together in a single book thanks to dog-lovers all over the world. People helped Martin raise over thirty thousand dollars to get their hands on these cinematic pups!
Source: Martin Usborne
None of the dogs were really abandoned in the making of the project, and when they were told that they were being used as supermodels in the name of art, they obliged.
Source: Martin Usborne
The images are eerie and almost sedative. They all share the power of evoking nostalgia, even when we know they’re staged.
Source: Martin Usborne
Contrary to popular belief, the images aren’t incidental. According to the photographer, it’s “partly because its very hard to find dogs stuck in cars whilst you are carrying lights around.”
Source: Martin Usborne
Martin tells us that in the frenetic moments of setting up the lights, dogs, and shooting the images, he wasn’t really moved by the loneliness they probably experienced. It wasn’t until after he looked through the completed images that he was surprised by the silence he saw.
We asked Martin, “Now that you were able to explore what you couldn’t face as a kid, how did Dogs in Cars change your perception of angst and terror?”
“I’m not sure it will change my perception of terror—I think feeling terrified will always be terrifying, if you know what I mean—but it does give it some context,” he said. “Taking the pictures allowed me to stand back and look at those feelings, possibly to get a greater perspective.”
Source: YouTube
You can see more of the most beautiful perspective on Martin’s site here. The Silence of Dogs in Cars is available for purchase on Amazon.
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