Powerful Commercial Shows How Dogs Break Down Social Barriers

Powerful Commercial Shows How Dogs Break Down Social Barriers

Let’s get this out of the way, none of us are constant rainbows of sunshine. And some of us could give Grumpy Bear a run for his money.

There are some days when you only want to walk your dog. You put up your metaphorical barriers and you hit the streets. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You don’t want to look at anyone. You sure as heck Do.Not.Want. anyone to talk to you.

pedigree commercial 2

But here’s the thing, you’ve got your dog and your dog is awesome. People are going to talk to you because they want to absorb some of that awesomeness that your pup is putting out there. When people are nice to your dog, your black heart can’t help but brighten up a bit.

That’s what happens in this Pedigree commercial entitled The Walk. One sourpuss of an old man encounters an equally grumpy young man while on a walk. Their dogs instantly become besties. The pups’ wagging tails transform these men from crabby patties into warm and kind humans.

Larry Allgaier, the President of Pedigree’s parent company Mars, says:

The Walk is just one example of the type of good dogs bring to the world every day. The main characters may appear very different, but by the end, they realize their similarities – and the good in one another – through their dogs.”

Watch the heart melting commercial below:

Featured image via Pedigree.

h/t Little Things.