11 Dogs Found Guilty Of Holding Up The Train

11 Dogs Found Guilty Of Holding Up The Train

Apparently it was very important to Mussolini that the trains ran on time during his rule of Italy. Which it makes it so much easier to forgive these pups for delaying a few trains. 🙂


1. In April 1936 in NYC, the trains experienced significant delays: “Accused of worrying the motormen of five subway trains, a fox terrier, age and owner unknown, was locked up at the Coney Island police station yesterday, pending decision on what punishment, if any, fits his case.”


2. In 1962 a brown-and-white terrier puppy caused a two hour train delay. The dog, whose leg had been broken, was rescued and all-fixed-up.


3. In 1929 the operator of a train in Bay Ridge was forced to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a large gray dog. The train was rammed from behind and several passengers sustained minor injuries. The dog, however, was unharmed.


4. In 2013 a pit bull pup, who was eventually rescued, adopted, and named Ellie, delayed trains for a half-hour in Queens.

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5. In 1937 a train near 42nd Street was forced to slow down in order to make way for a white Spitz. The dog was later emerged at the 36th Street station in Queens.


6. In 2013 a group of MTA workers rescued a haggard Sihi-Tzu/Poodle mix who was completely covered in soot and lost in the subway tunnels. The pup was later named Delta and adopted by one of the MTA workers that rescued her.


7. A brown-and-white hound caused a ten minute train delay while it played “hide-and-seek” with Transit workers near Canal Street.


8. In 1924 a very creative journalist published a story about a Labrador named Pep who, the journalist claimed, was sentenced to a lifetime in prison for killing the Governor’s cat. In reality Pep had been a gift from the Governor and was meant to be a companion for the prisoners.


9. In 1905 Bleecker Street station was home to a stray dog named “Subterranean Dog.” Ther transit staff filled his water bowl, and brought him bones until he was captured and sent to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


10. In 1960 sixteen people were injured when two trains bumped in a stop-and-go in order to avoid hitting a dog that was running on the tracks. The train was also delayed 58 minutes.


11. In 1988 a German shepherd sent passengers into a frenzy and delayed over 8,000 people when it boarded a Manhattan-bound C train. Eventually, a cop captured him.

H/t to NY Times