Dogs have this weird 7th sense--they sense ghosts with their 6th sense guys, c'mon--where they pretend show off their human side when they know someone's watching. Especially someone with a camera. Dogs already have more humanity than humans, so why can't they be people too? Here's 15 pups who really let the idea hit home.
1. No, you should tooootally keep eating that tuna fish sandwich next to me. 
Source: @thefugee
2. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. The easy way involves donuts... your choice.
3. I have bad news... I'm not quite sure what it is that I'm hearing in there.
Source: @musingsofmia
4. Bro, do you even lift?
Source: @mysuperdog
5. Hmm... I think it needs a dash more bacon.
Source: @operation_sumo
6. Well, if I'm not going to collect the firewood, who is?! 
7. Did you want ketchup with that dog?
Source: @thedogsaga
8. I have big plans for today... please do not disturb unless it is for something urgent.
Source: @emwng
9. And this thingy here turns up the volume!
10. I'm pretty sure these are ready to be eaten now. They smell pretty done. 
Source: @lillytheaussie
11. Coloring within the lines actually makes for much cooler illustrations, just sayin'. 
12. Okay, who updated my Facebook status for me? Very funny...
Source: @iheartmiles
13. This doesn't taste like decaf... and are these cookies gluten free?
Source: @miles_shiba
14. I'm starting a juice cleanse.
Source: @muttadventures
15. Are you done with the sports page yet? 
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