17 Signs Your Dog Is That Adult Who Won’t Move Out Of Their Parents’ Basement

17 Signs Your Dog Is That Adult Who Won’t Move Out Of Their Parents’ Basement

Let’s face it — our dogs are some spoiled little mutherpuppers. So it’s no surprise that they’ve never made plans to leave the nest. Why would they? They’ve got a warm bed, someone to scratch their belly when they demand request it, and all the noms they can stuff into their little face. Chances are your dog is that grown child living with their parents out of choice, not necessity. Here’s proof:

1. They sleep all day while you’re at work and you come home to find them naked and in your bed.

2. They don’t help you put the groceries away…

3. …but they eat all your food and don’t even thank you.

4. They expect you to pick up after them.

5. They don’t have any plans for the future besides being a lump on your couch.

6. They don’t even have a driver’s license so you have to drive them around to all their appointments.

7. They bring their freeloading friends over all the time to sit on your couch and watch your Netflix.

8. They always judge you for every little thing but get super sensitive if you mention the fact that they can leave if they don’t like it.

9. They always want you to take them on nice family vacations just to leave you behind so they can run off and do things without you.

10. They give you this face when you ask them when they’ll get a job.

11. They love being in the car but never have gas money.

12. They never let you leave without asking when you’ll be back…

13. …so they can sneak their date in while you’re gone.

14. You know entirely way too much about their online browsing habits (and they know yours).

15. You call them a “Momma’s boy” and they’re proud of it.

16. You have no privacy because they’re always home.

17. You’re afraid they would never make it on their own because you’ve spoiled them their entire life.

Featured image via @itsdougthepug