4 Little Known Facts About The Ingredients In Quality Dog Food

4 Little Known Facts About The Ingredients In Quality Dog Food

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Nothing says, “I love my dog and want him to live for a million years” more than making sure that s/he is getting the best of everything. Of course, the best means finding treats, toys, food, medication, and exercise routines that fit your pup’s personality and needs to a T.

As a vegetarian, and as someone who cares about what goes into my body, my natural instinct when I adopted Benji was to carefully monitor what was going into my snuggle-butt’s belly.

Eating Dinner with benji

Whether you’re a pup parent novice or a seasoned dog owner, the fact is, it’s incredibly hard to understand how dog food is formulated and the ingredients that go into the food that the apple of your eye is eating.

So, to simplify it for everyone (like me) out there, here are some facts about the ingredients behind Just Right® by Purina® (The schtuff that Benji goes gaga over). 🙂

1. Grain-free vs. Dog food with grains

Whatever option you pick is up to you based on the preferences of you and your dog. No matter what you choose, both grain and grain-free dog food provide complete, balanced nutrition for your dog. It’s a common misconception that pups cannot digest grains.

If you prefer to give your pup dog food that contains grain:

a. Corn gluten meal in dog food is not just a filler as oft mistaken.

Corn meal is an excellent source of protein and amino acids. In fact, compared to chicken’s 20% protein per gram, corn gluten meal has an average of 60 to 70% protein per gram. Corn gluten meal also helps kibble maintain its crunchy structure.


b. Oat meal in dog food.

Added to the dog food in powdered form, oat meal serves as a source of carbohydrate and fiber (which helps your pup poop). The linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acid in oat meal also help keep your pup’s coat shiny and skin healthy.


If you prefer to give your dog grain-free food:

c. Pea starch

Yellow field pea starch is a grain-free substitute that provides your dog with the necessary carbohydrates needed for energy.

Not sure if you should choose a grain-free dog food? Here’s more information so you can make an informed choice.


2. Dog Food Labels

Like in human food, Just Right’s dog food ingredients are listed on the label in descending order of the amount contained in the dog food. That’s why you’ll see the main protein (chicken, salmon, lamb) listed at the very top. The ingredients last on the list are those that are added in minute percentages.

Just Right created a breakdown of Benji’s blend that helps you better understand their unique dog food label:


3. How the dog food is formulated.

Food scientists and nutritionists formulate Just Right’s blend so that it’s well-balanced and 100% complete, along with input from on-staff veterinarians. That means that based off of your pup’s breed size, weight, activity level, stool consistency, coat health and other detailed information provided by you, you get a bag of food tailored to those specifications.

4. Quality assurance and safety practices.

Purina’s regulatory experts make sure that all Purina products meet or exceed all US standards for pet food, including FDA, USDA, and AAFCO. This means that all ingredients that go into your pup’s food are safely sourced and handled carefully. In fact, Just Right’s blends are crafted right here in the U.S. at Purina’s facility in Clinton, Iowa.

At the end of the day we want our pups to have the best quality of life, so why not start with quality food?


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