Did You Know You’re The Reason Your Dog Understands What Toys Are?

Did You Know You’re The Reason Your Dog Understands What Toys Are?

Does it ever seem like your pup just KNOWS when a new goody has been brought home for them? Aside from the occasional kids stuffed animals and a couch cushion or two, dogs seem to have a keen ability to recognize that some toys are meant for them to play with, while other similar items are off limits.


Since they likely aren’t going out toy shopping with you to choose to pick out their own swag (or are they?) , where does this sense of toy ownership come from?


There are a few reasons it seems that our canines are so good at spotting their toys. One could be directly from their owners behavior when presenting the new toy to their friend! Dogs are incredibly intuitive and are are constantly checking for signs from their parents. If you are excited when handing over the goods, they can pick up on your excitement and recognize that this is something meant for them.


Another reason could be based on the types of toys your pup likes. If your pup has an affinity for squeaky plushies, and you have many of those around the house, they will recognize those types of toys when encountering new ones and will likely show more interest in them. Dog toys are also specifically designed to capture maximum interest from pups, either through texture, sound, or smell.


The absolute best way to make sure your pooch is playing with toys meant for him, is to play with the toy WITH them. As dogs are such social creatures, their toys become more exciting if they can be used to play a game with their favorite hooman.

This will not only ensure that your furniture will stay intact, it is also an excellent excuse to bond with your canine pal and will strengthen the relationship that the two of you share.

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