One Study Reveals A Simple Test To Learn If Your Dog Is Pessimistic Or Optimistic

Studies at the University of Sydney have determined that your dog, like you, may be either an optimist or a pessimist.  Researchers drew this conclusion from a series of games involving rewards systems, tonal response, and treats of varying tastiness. Depending on the dogs’ responses to a particular stimulus, the researchers were able to gauge an individual pooch’s risk sensitivity.

Lead researcher Dr. Melissa Starling with one of the study's pawticipants.

Lead researcher Dr. Melissa Starling with one of the study’s pawticipants.

In other words, a lack of reward for pawfectly performed tricks deterred some dogs from trying the trick in the future, while other dogs persisted in their trickery in hopes of receiving a yummy morsel. While this may sound mean, the tests provided an amazing amount of insight into the mind of a dog, and prove something dog parents have known for years: dogs are complicated.

Featured image via @stephnav88

h/t to Huffington Post