One Company Has Developed Kevlar Vests To Protect Civilian Dogs From Predators

One Company Has Developed Kevlar Vests To Protect Civilian Dogs From Predators

Working in an Animal Hospital, it’s not rare to have a dog come in who’s been attacked by another dog, a fisher cat, a coyote, or really any type of wildlife. In the worst situations, the dog who was attacked ends up dying from substantial wounds and complications related to them.


A fatal attack is devastating, because losing your dog from something so brutal leaves little closure. Due to frequent attacks and loss of life, 3 women developed a lightweight vest, similar to what working K9 unit dogs wear, for protection in case of animal attacks.


The vest, protecting from all sorts of bites, guards the neck and body from potential life threatening injuries. Although the vest is not bulletproof like they are for police dogs, the vests provide the utmost protection for civilian dogs in everyday situations.


The women that developed the vest worked in a shelter, providing them with the expertise they need to ensure dog safety.

They have witnessed fatal dog fights, and work with surrendered dogs whose number 1 reason of being surrendered is due to behavior.


One of the best features of the vest is affordability. Getting wounds cared for at an Emergency hospital, even subtle ones, can cost over $400, without including any necessary radiographs. This vest is less than 1/3 of the cost, nevermind an emergency visit for severe to potentially fatal wounds. The vest also costs less than an average visit with diagnostics at your primary care veterinarian.


The cost is feasable for pet owners, and can prevent excruciating wounds to your pet, as well as prevent financial burdens on your end. We love our dogs, and we all want the best for them, but sometimes costs can prevent the best options from being in our reach.

kevlar vest to keep dogs safe from animal attacks

With a vest like this, many people that don’t have the money for extensive surgeries can hopefully prevent fighting accidents.

H/t to Vancouver Sun

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