There's so many activities you can do with your dog, and there seems to be more dog friendly places popping up each day. Even so, not all of us want to take Fido kayaking, some of us just want a dog to lay on the couch with and watch every season of Grey's Anatomy with us in an embarrassingly short period of time. Here are the 15 top lazy breeds:
1. English Bulldog - Even though these breeds are athletic, they're excellent at lounging.
Source: @kpia/Instagram
3. Chow Chow - These fluffy giants are easily like oversized pillows. They're perfectly content with a night in.
5. Bichon Frise - Grooming is very extensive for this breed, but they don't need to get in more than a good daily walk. They're great at being human companions.
6. Bullmastiff - Though like a Boxer in the sense that they were built to be a guard dog, this oversized breed is calm natured, and for the most part, doesn't need a lot of exercise. Don't let them fool you, despite how calm they are, they're consistently alert.
7. Miniature Pinscher - A small breed, and a great companion, these guys don't need extensive walks.
8. Pomeranian - This breed wasn't always so small, they actually bred them to be smaller to fit in their human companions laps! They have no problem staying in, and having a long, lazy day.
9. Shih Tzu - Though alert and playful, this breed is perfectly content being a companion as a job.
10. Chinese Shar-Pei - Like their wrinkly faced counterparts, the Chinese Shar-Pei is also on the lazy side.
11. Japanese Chin - Though very playful, these guys don't require a lot of exercise, and ironically their origin is China.
12. Irish Wolfhound - Originally a War dog, the Irish Wolfhound is a great family companion, and can do well without a lot of exercise.
13. Sussex Spaniel - Their first job revolved around hunting birds, but their slow pace makes them a great, lazy member of the family.
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13 Dog Breeds That Need The Least Exercise

***Regardless of the breed you get, all dogs need regular exercise to keep them healthy.***

Featured image via @atlastheminpin /Instagram and FB image via Eduardo Merille/ Flickr