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Eating just one penny minted after 1982 could prove deadly for your pup.
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Rodenticide contains anticoagulants that causes internal bleeding and death for rodents. It might take longer to affect dogs, but it is deadly. If your dog consumes rodent bait, go to the vet immediately.
Source: The Telegraph
Antifreeze can taste sweet to dogs who may consume large amounts before succumbing to kidney failure, comas, or death.
Source: Dog Fancast
Blue-green algae is responsible for many recent dog deaths. Avoid ponds that may contain this toxic microbacteria. More info here.
Many common houseplants are dangerous and even deadly. Beautiful blooms like daffodils and lilies can have serious consequences if consumed.
Herbicides or weed killers present in lawn treatment sprays are toxic to dogs. Make sure to keep dogs away from recently treated lawns for at least 24 hours.
Fabric softener dryer sheets are sometimes used to manage the accumulation of dog hair. However, there are chemicals in the sheets that are dangerous if consumed by pups.
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7 Everyday Dog Dangers You May Not Know Are Toxic

Have you ever gotten down on all fours and viewed your home from your dog’s point of view? No? Am I the only weirdo? Well, if you have, you know that there’s a lot we don’t notice from our two-legged perspective. And some of the things we look right past can be dangerous for our pups.

By now, you probably know about chocolate and grapes, but did you know that simple items like loose change or a dropped fabric softener sheet could make your dog very ill? Here are 7 common household dangers to be kept far out of your dog’s reach.

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