3 Ways You Comfort Your Dog That May Be Working Against You

3 Ways You Comfort Your Dog That May Be Working Against You

Our dogs are simply irresistible. They have funny, unique, and amazing personalities. Arguably, the best part about our pups, is that nobody knows us better than them, their love is unconditional, and they are our best friends.


We love them so much, we could just squeeze their cute little cheeks, but sometimes, when we spoil them with “love,” we’re really not helping them at all. We may even be doing the opposite.

Here are 3 things you do to comfort your dog that may be harming them. 🙁 (Hey, I love pampering my dog, too!)

1. Coddling them when they’re nervous


We adore giving them an outpouring of affection when they seem scared, and we just hate to see them scared. The truth is this kind of spoiling only makes similar situations more difficult for them. By telling them “It’s okay,” we’re telling them that they’re right to be scared, and we don’t want that, right?

2. Constantly picking up or carrying your dog


We see it all the time. Some breeds always seem to be in a purse or in their owner’s arms. We spoil them by helping them avoid any form of exercise or having to encounter any other dogs, and not a good thing.


Dogs that miss that opportunity develop serious behavioral problems, and they would probably rather get along with other dogs, and they’d enjoy walking around. There’s nothing positive that comes from carrying them or plopping them in a purse like an accessory, it only hurts them in the long run.

3. Spoiling them with food


We love our canine best friends so much, that they deserve 3,264 treats a day! Working at a vet, and in grooming, I hear people all of the time telling me that their dog is always so hungry, so they keep giving them treats.


But your dog is not always hungry. They do, however, know exactly what they have to do to get a treat from you. Your dog doesn’t need a bunch of treats, small ones are nice to have for training, but we literally kill our dogs with kindness by giving them so much extra food. This leads to serious health complications, and we don’t want to spoil our dogs into immobility.

Featured image via @boxer.sweetbabyrey /Instagram