Scandalous New Study Claims Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners

Scandalous New Study Claims Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners

When you think you’ve heard of the last of studies on cat owners versus dog owners, another study always pops up on our radar. This time a new study claims cat owners are smarter than dog owners.


Carroll University found that in their study of 600 college students, participants “who preferred cats to dogs scored more highly on IQ tests,” according to the New Zealand Herald.


But it might have to do with the familiar qualities that are often associated with either respective pet owner.

Case in point: the study said that dog owners “were more likely to be lively, energetic, outgoing and to follow rules obediently”, while their cat counterparts “were more likely to be introverted non-conformists” as well as more open-minded and sensitive, as reported in the Herald.


Carroll University wasn’t the first academic institution to have done a study comparing the intelligence between cat owners and dog owners.


Bristol University in the United Kingdom actually precedes Carroll University’s study.


The Bristol researchers found that households with someone who “was qualified to degree level were more likely to own cats and less likely to own dogs than other households,” said New Zealand Herald.

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The Bristol study theorized that it may have do with one’s career, suggesting that people who worked longer hours and are more highly qualified would prefer to own a cat because they are more low-maintenance than dogs.

Well, there you have it. File this one under “Cat Owners vs. Dog Owners: Who’s Better?”.

H/t to NZ Herald

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