Pup Born With No Legs Has One Hope For Walking, And That’s 3D Printing

Pup Born With No Legs Has One Hope For Walking, And That’s 3D Printing

Only 4 months old, Nimble the Chihuahua mix has already had a rough go at this thing we call life.


Born with no legs, Nimble was rejected by her biological mother and had to be bottle fed. When the humans responsible for Nimble realized how much care would go into raising her, they considered putting her down.

That’s when Christine Boyle stepped in. “When I caught the story from a client of mine who adopted one of the siblings, born healthily, I said ‘I don’t even need to see her, I’ll take her.'”

“That is how Nimble became my little baby girl,” Christine said.

But Nimble’s new mom isn’t the only hope Nimble has for a good life. Christine has been talking with representatives from 3D Systems to produce 3D-printed prosthetic limbs to allow Nimble to run and play like any other pup.


According to Christine, “X-rays have been done, but we need a 3D scan or MRI to move forward. I’ve been advised to wait until Nimble is done growing so I’m not spending so much on replacements and more scans.”


Don’t worry, Christine! You’re doing a great job, and we’re sure there are plenty of people willing to haaalp!

See more great images of Nimble in the video below, and click here to help Christine raise the money necessary to fund Nimble’s new legs!

H/t to Daily Star

Featured image via Daily Star