Life Behind Bars Didn’t Stop This Pup From Joining The Pollution Police

Life Behind Bars Didn’t Stop This Pup From Joining The Pollution Police

Dogs save our lives every day and you might not even know it. Meet Crush, a pup who sniffs out human waste to protect the environment and public health.


Why are there pups like Crush with this less-than-glamorous job?

Crush is one of seven dogs working for The Environmental Canine Services. This Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Cattle mix sniffs for human waste in water supplies. This waste can contain bacterias like E.coli, which can fatally harm humans.

It might not seem glamorous, but Crush is saving thousands of people from harm every day.

Crush and her colleagues can save communities in times of crisis when water supplies are polluted and help prevent contamination disasters from occurring by sniffin’ out water levels.


How does this pup find the bacteria?

Crush’s trainer, Aryn Hervel, has the pup smell various buckets filled with water. Then, if Crush detects the presence of bacteria, she lays down next to the bucket. This gesture is known as a “hit”. Once Crush makes a hit, the water is tested to determine the strength and or level of bacteria present in the water.

How did Crush get this job?

Until Crush was adopted by Aryn Hervel, she was previously returned to a shelter three times because of her high energy. It’s heart-wrenching to think that a pup could be dismissed because of an active personality.


Crush was destined for greatness. Having a bounty of energy isn’t a burden, instead, Hervel knew it’s an asset. “Nobody wanted her. She just needed a job.” Now, Crush travels with Hervel to specific sites to look for presence of bacteria in water, or the samples are mailed directly to The Environmental Canine Services.

What does Crush do now?

She recently hit for some level of human sewage contamination on 22 of 25 containers from waterways in Michigan. She continues to crush contaminated water with The Environmental Canine Services and travels with Hervel all over the United States to keep the environment safe and clean.

Watch Crush pawxfully perform her duty of sniffing out human waster in rivers to keep dogs and humans alike safe:

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