6 Ways To Keep Your Pup Safe From Would-Be Thieves

6 Ways To Keep Your Pup Safe From Would-Be Thieves

A quick Google search will show you that dog theft is on the rise.

Pets are stolen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re resold on Craigslist or to pet stores. Dogs who haven’t been spayed or neutered are often stolen to use in puppy mills. Stolen pups can even become fighting dogs.

We can’t sugarcoat this for you. This is scary, but it is preventable.

Here are 5 ways to keep strangers from snagging your BFF.

1. Spay and Neuter Your Pup

They’ll have to wear the cone of shame, but they’ll be less attractive to pupnappers!

2. Microchip Your Dog

Tags and collars can be removed easily, but a microchip can’t. On the same note, keep all of your paperwork handy. Have your adoption, registration and vet records ready should anyone dispute your pawrenthood.

3. Don’t Leave Your BFF Tied Up Outside Of Stores

This is a common sight in cities. In a perfect world, we’d be able to trust our neighbors to not take off with our fuzzbutts. Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world.

pug outside store

4. Don’t Leave Your Pup Unsupervised Outdoors.

It makes sense that public places pose a stranger danger, but so does your backyard. Fence or no fence, all it takes is 30 seconds, maybe less than that, for someone to nab your furball. If you have a fenced yard, keep a padlock on the gate to deter thievery.

5. Leash Your Dog.

Free-range dogs is a dangerous idea for many reasons and dognapping is one of them. Many dogs have excellent recall and always find their way home. However, if someone takes them during one of their exploring sessions, you may never see your beloved pet again.

6. Don’t Leave Your Dog In Your Car.

Even when extreme temperatures aren’t a threat, dognapping is. Regardless of whether your car is locked or not, your pup is sitting pretty for an opportunistic thief.

We hope these tips keep you and your family from ever being separated! Stay safe!