The Debate Rages On: Are Puppies Cuter Than Babies?

The Debate Rages On: Are Puppies Cuter Than Babies?

It’s finally time to settle the deeply conflicting debate: Who’s cuter? Dogs or babies?

American retailer Big Lots ran a survey with their ad agency O’Keef Reinhard & Paul and came up with a brilliant campaign, Doggies vs. Babies, to help us determine an answer.

The six-part series was released proximate to Big Lots’ launch of B*loved baby goods and American Kennel Club Select toys and treats, not to be used interchangeably.

Doggies and Babies tested very basic abilities like Debate, Telemarketing, Music Composition, Geography, Chess, and Data Entry for the ultimate battle of internet cuteness.

OKRP’s CEO Tom O’Keefe described the candidates as being a “one-plus-one-equals-three-power.” A.k.a. the dominators of our hearts and the web.

Every episode features a clumsy dog and an even clumsier baby, trying really hard to know exactly what they’re doing.

The ads are being promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, where viewers are encouraged to cast their votes in the comments with #TeamDoggies or #TeamBabies.

“Nothing seems to activate social sharing and comments like funny and cute, and there’s no subject that can deliver that better than doggies and babies,” said O’Keefe. He knows people are obsessed.

Big Lots’ chief customer officer Andy Stein says the audience reach of the campaign is a broad “from 9 to 90.” We can’t be sure whether he measured this in human or dog years, but basically it’s for everybody.

Due to the candidates’ limited education and short amount of time since alive since birth, some frustration ensued when being incapable of completing a number of tasks, one being locating Papua New Guinea on a globe.

None of the participants received any kind of specific directions or prior training for any of these tasks. They relied solely on their common sense and critical thinking skills.

We already know that dogs are really smart, sometimes genius, but some of these babies made some pretty masterful moves that suggested the upper hand was actually a hand this time, and not a paw.

Whether your a dog person, a baby person, both, or neither, these short clips are painfully cute and guaranteed to make you see past the stinky-ness and sometimes sticky-ness.

No feelings were hurt in the making of these videos. All participants were told that they received the most votes, and were properly compensated with lots of love and kisses!

You can all six episodes of Doggies Vs. Babies on Big Lots’ Youtube channel here.

Featured image via: Doggies vs. Babies