1. “Bad bitch contest, you in first place.” #2Chainz
2. “I’ll take you to the doggie shop, I’ll let you lick the Bully Stick.” #50Cent
3. “Dogs, all we really want is dogs, and in the morning it’s dogs, and in the evening it’s dogs.” #BeastieBoys
4. “I’m running this bitch, you are just a dog walker.” #ChildishGambino
5. "What you know about love? Well love know about pickin up poo.” #AugustAlsina
6. “I’m through with bein a player and a baller. Just want me one bad bitch so I can spoil her.” #Diddy
7. “Cause you’re a good girl and you know it. You act so different around me. Just hold on we’re going home.” #Drake
8. “Will the real Slim Shady please sit. Sit please. SIT!!!” #Eminem
9. “My name is Ice-T, I make the puppies play, and Evil E is in the place, just dogging the wax.” #IceT
10. “I got that D-O-G-G-Y with my spots in bold.” #IggyAzalea
11. “Cause once you belly rub him you quickly begin to love him.” #JCole
13. “To free his mind in search of…treats.” #KidCudi
14. “Hands in the air looking for a bitch right now, on the real, can’t lie, you just my type.” #KidInk
15. "All we wanna do is party (Woof!)" #LilKim
16. “Said your dog bed be feeling lonely, so you’re sleeping in mine?” #MacMiller
17. Marky Mark is anti-d-r-u-g-g-i-e but most certainly pro-d-o-g-g-i-e. #GoodVibrations
18. “I said, excuse me, you’re a hell of a guy, I mean my, my, my, my you’re like pup-i-can fly.” #NickiMinaj
19. T.I. likes to tell his pups that they can have whatever they like. #SnacksOnDeck
20. This is just some straight up California Ruv. #Tupac
21. “Lay back. With my mind on my puppy and my puppy on my mind.” #SnoopDOGG
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21 Hardcore Rappers Who Have A Soft Spot For Puppies

The east coast and west coast may still have beef, but if there’s one thing they can agree on, it’s that no matter how much of a thug you claim to be, no one is too hardcore for puppies. But don’t take my word for it. The phenomenal Instagram, @rapperswithpuppies, speaks for itself.