9 Reasons Your Dog Will Always Love To Dig

9 Reasons Your Dog Will Always Love To Dig

Hey pup parents, have you ever woken up to a treasure trove of bones under your pillow? Uncovered a graveyard of toys in your couch cushions? Discovered half-eaten treats peppered throughout your laundry?

Dogs and digging go hand in hand paw in paw together, like roosters crowing, bears hibernating, and sloths chillaxing. Everyone knows it’s just in a dog’s nature, but digging a little deeper (har de har har) we realize there are specific reasons our pups sometimes turn into barchaeologists.

1. To protect their valuable items

While no wolves are likely to steal your pet’s toys, it’s still in your pup’s nature to want to protect their things from potential predators.

2. To save treats for later.

Undomesticated dogs never knew when their next meal would be, so after exceptionally bountiful hunting trips, dog’s would save whatever they didn’t finish for later. These days however, if your pet is stowing away half eaten treats it could be a sign of over feeding.

3. To stay cool.

It’s cooler down below! Dogs know what’s up, or rather …they know what’s down.

4. To get comfortable.

Dogs love making little dens to cozy up in.

5. To hunt.

Certain breeds, like dachshunds and terriers were once bred to hunt rodents and other animals living in the ground.

6. To eat dirt.

While most dogs eat dirt because they’re darling little derps, dirt eating can also be a sign of a mineral deficiency, an upset stomach, or other medical conditions.

7. To alleviate anxiety.

Just like some humans bite their nails, or go for a jog, the stimulation and physical release from digging can be soothing to pups.

8. To escape.

There’s only so many options for animals without opposable thumbs. It’s mostly unneutered, male dogs that fall in this category.

9. To have fun!

Is goofiness an instinct?

Why do you think your dog likes getting down and dirty digging??

Featured image via @jessbenslyman /Instagram

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