8 Things You Need To Recreate Jaws With Your Dog This Summer

8 Things You Need To Recreate Jaws With Your Dog This Summer

It’s summertime! And that means pool play all season long. But even the best of swimmers get scared in the deep end of the pool. Why? Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, that’s why.


I mean, sure sharks are scary on their own, but how often do you really encounter them in the wild?

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That’s what I thought. So we’ll just keep blaming Jaws. But what if I said you could easily overcome that fear with the help of your dog?

barkshop bark week collection

Yep, that’s right. With the help of these pooch products you can easily recreate all your favorite scenes from Jaws and overcome your fear of the deep, dark, unknown waters! Let’s begin.

STEP 1 – Get a shark.

Not a real shark of course. A dog-shark will suffice. And you can easily sharkify your dog with this Shark Fin costume.


STEP 2 – Get some bait.

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Except in this case we recommend dog-friendly shark bait, like this Shark Bait Bundle.


STEP 3 – Hit the water.

Safety first, folks. Make sure your first mate has a vest in case they go over board.


STEP 4 – Fish for sharks.

The least threatening shark you can encounter in the domestic wild is of the floatie variety. It’s a shark your dog can bite that won’t bite back.


STEP 5 – Get a bigger boat.


STEP 6 – Tell old sea stories about your days as a sailor.


Bottoms up and anchors away! Give your dog something to chew on other than your ear.


STEP 7 – Return to shore.

Since most dog-sharks are really landlubbers at heart, you’ll eventually return to the safety of the shore.

barkshop bark week collection

There you can stylishly parade your dog-shark about in their Chewy Collar or Chewy Harness and the Chewy Leash!


Truly, these are the proper spoils of a long day at sea.

Until next summer…


Featured image via @yoremahn /Instagram