How To Grow Your Dog’s Fan Club From One To 1,000

How To Grow Your Dog’s Fan Club From One To 1,000

When many of us here at Bark & Co started, we knew we loved dogs. But having other people, sometimes perfect strangers, also show pupsession for our doges? Well, that was another thing.

But working with such a big group of dog lovers, you come to quickly bond with people who not only understand your love for your pup, but love them JUST AS MUCH (if not, in some cases, more). For instance, Andromeda (Andi), is a sneaky little wiener who has basically become the Dachshund Diva of the pawffice. Her food-thieving ways have become tall tales told not just by Bark & Co hoomans, but also by pups throughout the dog Internet community! She’s made Dogshaming, participated in a Kickstarter campaign, and even been featured in Vanity Fair!



Not only that, but every time we BarkPost pups post an article or picture onto our Facebook pages, you readers always regale us with tales of how YOUR dog also stalks you in the bathroom, has a weird pooping position, is TOTALLY a whining Husky–basically we realized that pup parents and ruvers all over can’t get enough of not just reading about dogs, but sharing their own pups’ stories!


Hence BarkFeed was born, so you too can easily share your pup with the pup-rauin’ world! Gone now are the days of carrying around pictures in your wallet to show strangers, because now you can just share pictures, videos, and articles on BarkFeed, where they’ll be seen by other dog-obsessed peeps!

It’s so easy to upload photos and videos of your pup from your computer or your phone, so you can brag about your pup on the go.


You can even upvote your favorite pups and leave comments below posts. It’s like a virtual dog park where dog lovers can come together and celebrate their furry best friends!


I uploaded some photos of my own pups and felt so proud when I saw someone had upvoted Lady’s picture. Even though I post about her on all my other social media accounts, something about BarkFeed just feels more dog-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Start showing off those doggie pictures and stories, and find a whole community of pups as excited to love and brag about your pup as you! 😀

Featured image via @tunameltsmyheart