As someone who loves dogs, one is never enough. The moment you get to know them, you want to find out how they’ll get along with a brother or sister, or perhaps several. It’s no secret that some pups really don’t get along with others, so if you’re thinking of having a big canine family, you’ve got to make sure your pooches will become the best of friends. Here are 12 dogs that will make the best siblings for your ever-expanding family.
1. Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniels are happy, gentle and relaxed, can you imagine a better sibling for your pooch? They do like to play, but tend to be more formal and polite around other pets, making them great companions if you have a dog who doesn’t get along too well with other animals. However, make sure your other pets aren’t being dominant toward your Cocker Spaniel, because she can be submissive if encouraged.
2. Irish Setter: All three Setter breeds are great siblings, but the Irish Setter gets a bonus for being eager to please. That means he will do everything he can to help his brothers and sisters out of a bad situation - even one he helped cause, since Irish Setters can be quite rebellious when they’re teenagers! Irish Setters are versatile so they’re also great with cats, birds and other household pets.
3. Cardigan Welsh Corgi: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is completely devoted to his pack, so he’s the perfect pick to bring into your growing family. He loves bringing people together (must be that herding instinct!) and will often herd his sisters and brothers into the same place so they can all be together. Cardinal Welsh Corgis can be a little wary of strange dogs, so it’s best to introduce them to new siblings when they’re young, so they don’t have as much time to get “stuck in their ways.”
4. Beagle: Beagles are great with other pets because they’re super chill, they get along with just about anybody. However, that doesn’t mean their hunting instincts are completely suppressed, and they love to explore and chase things. That means she’d be a great companion for a new dog, so long as you keep an eye on them so they don’t get into trouble!
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5. Australian Shepherd: Australian Shepherds can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to how they’ll get along with their new siblings. Some tend to dominate other dogs, while others get along with all animals in their family. Luckily, Australian Shepards love physical activity and hate being bored, so pairing them up with a sibling is key to making sure they get enough physical and mental exercise.
6. Collie: If there was any dog that needed brothers or sisters, it would be the Collie. They get unhappy if left alone and thrive on having others to play with, especially dogs, and this can manifest in barking or chewing on things around the house.
7. Samoyed: Samoyeds are born to be friends with other canines. They’re bred from Russia as sled dogs, so they’re used to being in a pack. They’re also super friendly, eager and rambunctious, so make sure their siblings can keep up. For example, a Golden Retriever would be a great pick, but a Basset Hound might be a little too mellow for this playful pooch.
8. Maltese: I had a Maltese and Shih Tzu mix growing up, and I always wished she could have a brother or sister to play with. The Maltese is very flexible and she’ll mold herself into the kind of dog you want, which means it’s easy for her to get along with other pets. She may not be the best of friends with them, but she’ll be polite and well-mannered.
9. Basset Hound This is a great breed for an owner who wants a super chill dog who’s never going to let anything get them down, including a little sister or brother. Basset Hounds are super laid back, but they’ve got a silly and clownish streak to them too. They can be a little stubborn, so it might be best to pair them with a dog who’s more obedient, to encourage your Basset to listen to your commands.
10. German Shepherd: German Shepherds are the perfect pick for the new puppy to bring into the house. She gets along great with other dogs, but she’s better off if you introduce her to her new family when she’s a baby. Otherwise she might get territorial and aggressive, especially to dogs of the same sex. It’s best to not have any cats, since German Shepherds tend to chase them around.
11. Labrador: There’s a reason the Labrador is the most popular dog for kids and families, there’s no one they don’t get along with! Like the Golden Retriever, another fantastic sibling, Labradors easily adjust to new members of the family and will be a great big brother or sister if you bring a new dog into the house.
12. Boston Terrier: Really, you can go with just about any terrier, but I’m picking Boston Terriers specifically because a friend of my recently paired two together and they’re getting along perfectly. Boston Terriers are small, charming and love playing games. While they can be a bit territorial with their owners, they typically get along with just about everybody. It’s best to pair Boston Terriers with small to medium dogs, as they can put on a big of a show when trying to intimidate bigger siblings.
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