15 Breeds That Are The Kings Of Farts And Snores

15 Breeds That Are The Kings Of Farts And Snores

Dogs are angelic little creatures… most of the time. But every now and again, something comes out of them that’s not so celestial, or even civilized for that matter. Something that is plain ol’ stinky and loud. And some breeds remind us of their “human” sides a little more than others. Curious which ones? Plug your nose and ears and dive on in:

The Stinky Ones

1. German Shepherd: “I’m small but potent.”

2. Mastiff: “I’d like to say this will help, but we both know it won’t.”

3. Boxer: “How did something so fuzzy create such poison?! Wait, I CREATED THIS POISON?” *Mind Blown*

4. Labrador Retriever: “Mom- I did it outside this time!” #YoureWelcome

5. Doberman Pinscher: “If you sit like this, it smells better.”

6. Poodle: “My butt needs fresh air at all times.” #StopJudging

7. Beagle: “Yogurt is good for digestion. Not so good for your nose in 3 hours, though.”

8. Pekingese: “At least these weird sounds are coming outta my nose.”

9. “Pug: Double snores, double the fun.”

10. Boston Terrier: “Can’t… close… eyes…. snore… too… loud.”

11. Shih Tzu: “My nose and I are fabulous.”

12. Lhasa Apso: “It’s my party and I’ll snore if I want to.”

13. Brussels Griffon: “My snores don’t wake the dead. They have woken you up though.”

14. Chow Chow: “My nose sounds good and tastes yummy.”

15. Bulldog: “What we produce at both ends astounds even us.”

Featured Image via @operation_sumo

H/t to, I Heart Dogs, dogster