Squid the Rescue Dog Thwarts Burglary, Is Awesome

Squid the Rescue Dog Thwarts Burglary, Is Awesome

Has this ever happened to you? Your dog wakes you up in the middle of the night, barking and howling, thinking the raccoon currently rooting through your trash cans is a burglar and that you need to be protected. Loudly. You tell your dog to go back to sleep, but now he has to pee, so you’re up at 4:00 AM in the yard with a dog howling at your shaking trash cans…

Anyway. It’s happened to a lot of us.

But what if your dog was actually barking at a possible intruder? Thats what happened to Tina Fuller of Boulder, Colorado, who lived on a block that had experienced a string of burglaries, but no arrests. At around 3:00 AM, Fuller’s dog, Squid, started growling in the direction of the driveway. Fuller saw two men in the driveway, dressed in black, attempting to enter her home, and called 911. The police apprehended one of the two men, and believes they have caught one of the thieves who have been breaking into homes in the neighborhood.

The best part? Squid, a pointer mix, is a recent rescue from Kansas, who became part of the Fuller family in February. When the Fullers rescued Squid, he was shy and apprehensive, but has since grown to love the Fullers and protect them from harm. See Squid’s amazing story here: