AKC’s New Breed Of Dog Is Really Just A Dancing Stuffed Animal Pretending To Be A Dog

AKC’s New Breed Of Dog Is Really Just A Dancing Stuffed Animal Pretending To Be A Dog

The Hungarian Pumi has been around for quite some time, and likely descends from the Hungarian Puli breeding with German herding dogs, but the American Kennel Club is only now pawfficially recognizing its floofy cuteness.

We can see why it took the AKC so long to acknowledge this pupper – it’s so adorable that it doesn’t even look like a real dog!

pumi 3

RIGHT? How is this real?

pumi 5


flying pumi

According to the Hungarian Pumi Club of America, this is a real dog and not a bear cub or a stuffed animal.

If you are completely captivated by all of this fluff, here are a few things you should know before you adopt a Pumi:

1. They are extremely high energy.

Pumik (yes, that’s really the plural!) were bred for herding, which means it’s in their blood to ruv exercise. You need to be an active person to keep up with these pups.

pumi 9

2. Like, really, REALLY, really high energy.

Pumik are getting a ton of attention now that the AKC recognizes them as a breed and many Pumi parents, and even Pumik themselves, are taking to social media to make sure people know what they’re getting into. One of them even saying:

When you find us a job, one we can do multiple times a week, and in the days between you can give us plenty of exercise, then we will be cute and fluffy. If you don’t you’d better watch out, because we will find our own job to do!

How did this dog even type that? Does he use a cellphone? WHAT?

pumi 10

3. So make them do your dishes.

They do need a job to do.

pumi 6

4. They don’t shed, but you gotta brush ’em.

Their coats are similar to Poodles and they will get matted rather quickly if you don’t care for the properly.

pumi posse

5. They are medium in size.

Male Pumik are 41-47 cm at the withers and weigh 22-33 pounds. Females 38-44 cm and weigh 17-28 pounds.

They also look smashing in a sweater.

pumi sweater

6. They need lots of socialization.

Pumik are thinkers and observers. They can be a bit introverted and aloof. Lots of early socialization with other puppers and hoomans is a must.

pumi posse 4

7. They like to read fashion magazines.

Hey, they’re stylish.

vogue pumi

8. Pumik have a lot to say.

Pumik are very talkative and bark easily – unlike this Pumi’s bestie Shiba who silently judges everyone. Keep the noise level in mind before you bring one of these curly-fluffed butts into your home.

pumi sheeb

For more information about the Pumi, visit the American Kennel Club and the Hungarian Pumi Club of America.

If you’re looking to add a new furry bestie to your clan, consider adopting a puppy from your local shelter! Need some help in the search? BarkBuddy can help match you with a pup who’s been waiting for the perfect human.

Feature image via @millanthepumi/Instagram.

h/t Evening Standard.