dog seense of smell more powerful than human can smell cancer poop electricity
1. Cancer: It's hard to believe, but dogs have the ability to smell certain types of cancers, specifically lung and breast cancer. Scientists have confirmed cancer does in fact have a smell detectable by humans (wow), but it's only detectable in it's later stages. Dogs can smell the disease during its infant stages, which can lead to early intervention and possibly a life saving discovery.
2. Bedbugs: These little pests are awful. Truly, fundamentally awful. I had bedbugs once, and I've never been closer to considering burning everything I owned. Luckily, nobody will have to go through the ordeal I did because of bedbug-detecting dogs. These heroic pooches (Beagles are ideal for this) are trained to sniff out these pin-sized bugs, which can help save you from a *true* pain in your ass.
3. Diabetes: Diabetes detection dogs are specially trained to smell blood glucose levels from their owner's breath. Although there are a number of machines built to do this, often times people suffering from severe diabetes related issues such as in the case of Claire Moon and her dog, Magic. Claire suffers from something called brittle diabetes, which leaves her vulnerable to the possibility of slipping into a coma or having a seizure. Magic is specially trained to detect when Claire's blood sugar levels have dropped below a certain point, and it's reported she has helped her owner with this more than 800 times.
4. Whale Poop: Ahh, yes. Whale poop. This elusive excrement is vital for scientists to study various kinds of whales, as any sign of it indicates a whale is in the area. The issue with finding these oceanic poops is that they sink 30 minutes after release, which makes finding one incredibly difficult. Thankfully, certain dogs have been trained to sniff out these poops from up to 1.6 miles away. For the record, that's insane.
5. DVDs: Dogs trained to sniff out DVDs have helped curtail countless bootlegging operations across the globe. These pups are trained to smell the polycarbonates used to make the disc, which is a level of detection no piracy ring can compete with. The dogs are traditionally brought to locations where these illegal DVDs are suspected to be only after police have the area blocked off. This not only helps to keep the dogs safe, but it allows the dogs the opportunity to lead a significant charge against black market sales.
6. Emotions: It's no secret that dogs are receptive to how people are feeling. What is a secret, fascinatingly, is how potent a dog's understanding of how we're feeling truly is. From their keen understanding of acute facial expressions to their ability to sense rises and drops in heart rate, dogs can occasionally understand how we're feeling better than we can. (My psychiatrist would be very proud of me for being open about this.)
7. Ovulation: You read that right! Dogs have such a keen sense of smell, they can detect an elevated hormone count in urine. Ever wondered why a dog is sniffing your crotch? It's possible they're smelling ovulation. That was not something I woke up this morning and thought I'd write today. "Smelling ovulation".
8. Cadavers: This one is as sad as it is astounding. Unfortunately, in cases where people go missing or are thought to have drowned in a body of water, police forces use cadaver-smelling dogs to detect where human remains may lie underwater.
9. Bombs And Weapons: It's an incredibly dangerous skill to have, but it's one that comes with the highest of regards. Some dogs, specifically tracking breeds, are trained to smell different ores and metals typically used to make explosive devices. This leads to these dogs taking great risks which often result in saving peoples' lives. They are true heroes.
10. High Blood Pressure: Similar to diabetes-detection dogs, some dogs are trained specifically to monitor patients who have known heart conditions. People who suffer from high blood pressure or are at a high risk of having a heart attack benefit from owning these specially trained pooches as they can alert their owner at the first sign of danger. This frequently leads to people knowing when to take their medication, when to go into the hospital, and in some cases, when a heart attack is imminent.
11. Electricity: Ever wonder why dogs are especially nuts during a thunderstorm? I mean, besides the unexplained loud booming noises and flashing lights? It's because most animals (not only dogs) are highly receptive to changes in the atmospheres barometric pressure, which is indicative of a lightning storm. In addition, electricity ionizes the air, which releases a faint metallic smell. Dogs can detect this smell before any lightning strikes, which is probably why they're hiding under the couch before the storm actually hits.
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