Tom Hardy’s Love Of Dogs, As Told By Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s Love Of Dogs, As Told By Tom Hardy

Dramatic actor/action hero Tom Hardy may be known for his tough characters, but he’s not shy about admitting what a big softie he is. Especially when it comes to dogs.

Tom Hardy’s new PETA campaign only serves to strengthen his image as a sexy, sensitive animal lover. In honor of that sweet, sweet animal love, Julie Miller at Vanity Fair wrote an article called “An Oral History Of Tom Hardy’s Love Of Dogs.”


So we decided to share his love of dogs in his own words.

In 2007, Tom told Dogs Today:

“I wouldn’t go to class unless Max was allowed in,” recalls Tom. “My old drama teacher said, ‘I remember when you used to walk into class with your dog in one hand and a can of Coke in the other.’ Max was my support unit, it’s like I had a focus; I had an identity and higher self-esteem because something relied on me and loved me constantly. Then I felt important. I can’t stand those kind that fight their dogs, but I wonder how many sleep with their dogs under the covers at night? I’m very, very lucky that people—from 17 to now—have always allowed me to have my dog around.”


In 2010, he spoke with The Guardian about his pup’s ill health. The reporter wrote:

He’s also worried about his own dog, Max, who had a heart attack this week and is now on beta blockers. “I call Max ‘Lives-in-Hope,’” he says, “because he does—‘Can I have a biscuit?’ Max asks. ‘Can I go for a walk?’ Inevitably the answer is no, but even if it’s a rainy day he lives in hope.”


When promoting his 2011 film Warrior, Tom grieved to an interviewer about the loss of Max. The journalist wrote:

Hardy definitely misses his companion/best friend and confided that Max’s ashes are currently on the couch at his home, occupying a place Max used to love to hang out.


In 2012 he shared his preference for the company of dogs:

“I don’t have any friends. I don’t keep them or entertain them for any of that kind of problem. So I like to keep [to] myself. I have a dog and a son. A dog couldn’t do anything to upset me, you know, and neither could my son.”

Tom Hardy and Emily Browning film scenes for the Kray brothers movie 'Legend'

That same year, he revealed his very strong feelings about dog grooming:

“I feel sorry for a poodle because he’s a dog. You know, a dog is a f***ing great creature. They would do anything for you. And the poodle gets a haircut. No one asks if the poodle wants his hair cut like that. Do they? They just f***ing cut his hair like that. And he just walks around. And everyone is like, ‘Why is that poodle so snarky?’ F*** you.”


And in 2014, Tom admitted to being the type of guy that leaves the TV on for his pups:

“I’m into Come Dine With Me at home, religiously. I’m an absolute fanatic,” said Tom, 36, adding: “I put it on for the dogs as well when I go out. They’ve got to feel that someone’s in the house.”


But most recently,while promoting The Drop, Tom did a little Pit Bull advocacy:

“Did you know that the pit bull’s the highest-decorated military dog? It’s true, because of their loyalty, and its sensitivity. They would run through artillery fire and bring ammo. And they used to be called the nanny dog, as well, and it was the favorite American dog for many, many years. They’d leave the baby on the porch with the dog. Go online and look it up! You’ll see all these pit bulls with babies.”


We will have to look that up. In the meantime, keep on keeping on, Tom Hardy.

H/t to Vanity Fair

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